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Not certain about creating a corporate video? As a leading corporate video production company in Auckland, we've successfully produced numerous videos. But why are corporate videos in Auckland so crucial, and why should you allocate resources to them? To comprehend their significance, let's delve into: 

What Are Corporate Videos?

In essence, corporate videos are powerful tools for showcasing your brand. These videos come in various types, such as testimonial videos from satisfied clients, establishing brand credibility, or promotional videos featuring new products or services. 

Your target audience plays a crucial role in determining the type of video you create. Rather than addressing everyone, define and analyse your target audience to tailor your corporate video in Auckland accordingly. Now, let's explore why corporate videos in Auckland are indispensable for your business! 

Corporate Videos Are Attention-Grabbing

The human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text. Videos are inherently more compelling to watch than any other format. There is also unlimited room for creativity! 

To spice things up, consider hiring an animation or motion graphics studio in Auckland for corporate videos. Incorporate Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) or motion graphics to make your videos stand out. You can even experiment with Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) to bring your videos to life. 

Even a stripped-down corporate video can command attention when executed correctly. Importantly, they generate interest. How else will potential customers notice your business?

In addition to grabbing attention, your brand needs visibility. Fortunately, search engines prioritise video content. 

Search Engines Prioritise Video Content

For Search Engine Optimization (SEO) purposes, you want your brand to be among the first search results. Videos significantly expedite this process. Video content is often prioritised by search engines, placing them among the first few search results. 

To enhance your SEO ranking, ensure your homepage features your video prominently. However, visibility shouldn't stop at Google's page 1; it's equally crucial for your business to shine on social media. 

Higher Social Media Engagement

Social media prioritises video content, making videos the best way to retain attention and engage your audience. More engagement increases the likelihood of your video appearing on potential customers' feeds, boosting conversion rates! 

Choose the right platform for your corporate video in Auckland based on the demographics of different social media platforms. YouTube, being the second largest search engine backed by Google, is ideal for SEO purposes. 

As your corporate videos gain visibility, you'll build more brand awareness—fantastic news! 

Improves Conversion Rate

With increased brand awareness, more customers see how your brand fulfils their needs, building value for your business. Videos are incredibly effective, with 84% of marketers stating that video has helped them generate more leads. 

To achieve this, your corporate video in Auckland must be effective, succinct, informative, and entertaining. Place it strategically, such as at the top of your homepage, showcasing your company's main projects. 

Generates Trust With Your Clients 

Beyond generating leads, trust is crucial for brand loyalty and returning customers. Corporate videos play a vital role in this process. 

Instead of merely telling clients what your business can do, show them. Demonstrating how your products or services work creates transparency, building confidence in your brand. Incorporate testimonials from previous clients to further instil trust. 

Videos make it difficult to hide weaknesses, so ensure you highlight your strengths.
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